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Born during Covid-19....

February 20, 2021

Born during Covid-19....

  If there is any one thing we can say about 2020 it is that, we are stronger than we thought we were. We faced challenges, heartache, creative blockage and overall distress as a whole. Often times, difficult situations birth new ventures, allowing us to tap in to parts of our creative being that we hadn't visited in forever. I say all of this to say, the birth of Terri Ashley Design Studios is happening....take a seat.

How many of us sit in this still place, focusing only on one part of our creative journey simply because of the time and sacrifice we have already put into it?, yet still feeling unfulfilled. We are multifaceted individuals and it is time that we challenge the idea of 'Jack of all trades, master of none', simply because we can master all that we integrate. If this does not make sense, trust me, it will soon. I have a passion for sculpture, textile, accessories, monochromatic interiors, gemstones, color and design. As our Terri Ashley NYC continues to grow, we also want to share all of the other creative aspects that complete our brand.

The beauty of any design company and what they provide is that there is always room for them to be inspired and to inspire, this means creating a living and/or working space that keeps those creative juices flowing at all times. Pictured are some of the spaces I found while buried deep in my Pinterest hole, that I thought I'd share. 

It's refreshing to say the least, all of the plans we have going forward as well as the collaborations that will be featured here soon.

Talk Soon

xoxo - Terri Ashley

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